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Taylor Greathouse

Director of Coaching (DOC)

Become a BVU Scholar!

BVU’s Player to Coach Pathway

BVU Coaches are a passionate group of teachers and leaders that embody the values of the club: Inclusion, Holistic Player Development, Family Balance and Lifelong Enjoyment. We are committed to bridging the journey from player to coach with The BVU Scholar Pathway.

BVU Scholar is for BVU Players U16 and older interested in coaching, being a role model for other players, and obtaining leadership positions. There are four steps to the BVU Coach Pathway: Apply, Grow, Graduate, Coach. 

Become a BVU Scholar

Step 1: Apply

  • Due Thursday March 24th to begin as a BVU Scholar this Summer 2022 Season.

  • Complete the Google Form submission & a 3 minute video submission.

Step 2: Grow

If accepted:

  • BVU Coach Mentor Pairing: BVU staff will pair you with a BVU Coach Mentor as an assistant for 2 of the following Seasons/ Programs: 
    • A Fall TCSL Season
    • A Summer TCSL Season
    • Summer Camp
    • Winter Programming
  • Coursework & Coaching: Complete BVU Scholar Coursework as you assist:
    • Coursework will consist of Pre-Season self-reflection, Self-Study, Observation, and Leading a Session during the Season, as well as Post-Season reflection.
      • Time Commitment Expectations: 
      • Pre-work (10 Min)
      • Self-Study (20-30 Min)
      • Observation (Ongoing: attend contacts - varies by Season)
      • Lead a Session (Prep: 30 min, Deliver: 75 min, Reflect: 15 min)
      • Post-work (20-30 Min)

Step 3: Graduate

Mentor Recommendation & USSF Coach Education

  • BVU Coach Mentor Recommendation: Upon successful completion of Step 2: Grow Coursework & Coaching, your BVU Coach Mentor will write you a Recommendation. If your BVU Coach Mentor Recommends that you are ready, BVU will sponsor you for your Grassroots United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Coach Education.

  • USSF Coach Education: Once Recommended by your Mentor, you will enroll in a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Grassroots Course in pursuit of your USSF Grassroots License.

Step 4: Coach

Once you have your USSF Grassroots License, BVU Celebrates you as a Graduate of the Scholars Program and a BVU Coach!

  • Once you have your Grassroots License you may begin Assistant or Head coaching with BVU as paid staff!

Become a BVU Scholar