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About Us

BV United Philosophy

BV United strives to be a model community-based, player development club for soccer in Minnesota by providing players in Burnsville, Apple Valley, and surrounding communities the opportunity to reach their full potential as people and soccer players through a positive soccer experience.

Player learning objectives are met through a variety of soccer programs led by a staff of Directors of Coaching and Player Development, coaches with soccer playing and coaching backgrounds, as well as USSF (United States Soccer Federation) licensed coaches. We are the only club to have all of our girls teams led by an all-female staff.

BVU is a partner in the community that values a holistic approach to help develop well-rounded and successful adults. Behind every great person is a sturdy and multi-tiered support structure. That structure includes guidance from within the family as well as positive external influences at school and beyond. BVU provides an environment that challenges and supports each player as they are nurtured on their journey towards becoming a successful soccer player and person.

In addition to our core development programs, BVU invests thousands of dollars every year into scholarship programs that support our kids along their journeys toward success. Currently, 13% of BVU athletes are given the opportunity to chase their dreams because of financial aid awards.


  • Develop programming based on our four key values:
    • Inclusion
    • Player Development
    • Lifelong Enjoyment
    • Family Balance
  • Seek continuing education for our coaching staff internally and add additional staffing with experience that fit the mission of the club.

  • Invest time and energy into our club performance environment (Training, Facilities, Staffing and Education).

  • Serve our communities through consistent club-sponsored service events and activities where players, coaches, and families actively participate.


  • Cultivate healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Train young players to be good people (see bigger picture beyond competition). We promote a holistic approach to development which underscores the reality that only a small minority will make it as collegiate or professional players.

  • Help children to be happy in sport. This is linked to the first objective – to develop fit and healthy young boys and girls and promote love of all sport, not just soccer

  • Encourage a personal responsibility in school obligations. Education is pivotal and linked to the second objective.

  • Develop players capable of moving on to high school and collegiate programs. These objectives are all connected. If youth players are successful in meeting the first four, they have a good chance to reach the fifth.


  • Develop agreed upon team standards through player and coach interaction with parent support

  • Collaborate with other teams at same/like age group for smooth vertical and horizontal player movement

  • Mentor programming with a partner BVU team

  • Host and participate in team activities off the field that support the community culture and build unity

BVU MANTRA: “Club, Player, Team”

CLUB VALUES: Inclusion, Player Development, Family Balance, Lifelong Enjoyment

Inclusion: Regardless of a child's background or level of skill, there is a place for them here!  We seek to remove barriers to participation, including talent barriers, financial barriers and / or social barriers.  Everyone in our program is appreciated for the unique traits and talents they bring to their team, and to our club. From our most skilled athletes, down to our beginners who are experiencing the game for the first time, we believe that our diversity makes us ALL better by providing opportunity to develop our skills as well as our leadership, compassion and tolerance.

Player Development: We provide a progressive reality-based, holistic, and experiential environment and coach training for every age level in our program so that each child's experience is valuable and consistent.  We are committed to providing all kids with a strong, fundamental set of skills and strategies that will prepare them with the ability and confidence to pursue the game competitively, or recreationally (as they choose) by using qualified, gender-specific mentors that are dedicated to continuing education.

Family Balance: Every program we offer features reasonable time commitments that allow kids to be kids, explore other interests, make time for free play, and enjoy a well-rounded life.  Our programs have reasonable financial commitments that don't artificially increase pressure or expectations of performance, and season lengths that allow a child to pursue other interests and other activities without guilt.

Lifelong Enjoyment: We want the BVU experience to be so positive and so encouraging, that every child will want to stay engaged in the sport/activity for life, regardless of whether they pursue it competitively or not. We reject the idea that sports are only worth playing if they can be played at an “elite” level…we strive to develop physically literate kids who are compelled to play in their free time, who are equipped to succeed at the competitive level if they choose, and who are inspired to teach and coach the next generation when their opportunity arrives.


BV United was formed in 2017 when the Valley United and Burnsville Fire Soccer Clubs merged behind a common mission to better serve south-metro families. 

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