Terms of Payment


  1. Officials receive the full game if:  
    • They abandon a match because one or both teams fail to appear at the game site within fifteen minutes after the scheduled starting time.
    • A match begins and officials terminate the match prior to completion.
    • A match begins and one or more officials cannot complete the game due to illness or injury.
  2. Officials receive no game fee if they are given notice more than sixty minutes before the scheduled start time that the match has been cancelled. If officials assigned to referee back-to-back games receive notice by halftime of one match that the following game has been cancelled, they receive no game fee for the cancelled match. 
  3. Officials who arrive late, or who fail to notify the assignor in a reasonable time that they cannot referee matches that they previously accepted, will jeopardize their opportunities for future assignments.
  4. Payment for Summer league games worked will be paid using GoPay.  Game invoices will be processed on or before the 10th of June for games worked in April/May. For games worked in June, game invoices will be processed on or before the 10th of July. The July game assignments will be processed on or before the 31st of July.
  5. Payment for BV United June Tournament games will be by Game Officials in early July.
  6. Payment for Fall league games will be made at the conclusion of the season.
  7. Referees are independent contractors.  In order to properly comply with IRS regulations and to ensure the accuracy of  BV United’s records, all referees who receive $600 or more per year from BV United must submit a W9 form with your name, address, and Social Security Number. 

Traveling Referee Pay

Age Level Referee AR1 AR2
U09-10 $25 N/A N/A
U11-12 $34 $24 $24
U13-14 $38 $28 $28
U15-16 $45 $36 $36
U17-18 $50 $40 $40
U19 $55 $45 $45

Grade 6 referees receive a 10% bonus over the fees listed above!

Rec Referee Pay

Referees for our Recreational Program are paid $32/game.